Work Profile

Data Entry Operator

During the college holidays, I have worked as Data Entry Operator for a term of one month. Through this, I have accumulated some worklife experience and some computer navigation skills for the first time

Teaching Internship

I have completed 1 week of teaching internship at Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara English Medium School, Ujire 574240. Here I taught Mathematics to students of Class 8

Student Faculty

During my final year of Bachelor's Degree, I was selected as Student Faculty for the Department of Physics and taught the following topics to the First Year B.Sc students

  1. Theory of Special Relativity
    • Frame of Reference and types
    • Lorentz Transformation
    • Galilean Transformation
    • Length Contraction
    • Time Dilation
  2. Electrodynamics

Graduate Engineering Trainee

Currently I am working at Glowtouch Technologies, Mangalore as Graduate Engineering Trainee. This role includes the troubleshooting of the website related issues such as Website down with errors 403, 500, etc. Further helping the customer in managing Shared hosting services and Email services, Troubleshooting email related issues,.. etc