Project Works


Agrobot is a bot to benifit agriculturalists and researchers in agricultural terrain. This device helps in analysing growth rate, disease impact, weather impact, nutritional quality and so on. Advantage of this is that, it can collect data using automation, helping in time management and analysis for research. It is well equipped to perform agricultural functions such as irrigation, spraying insecticides, measure air quality, moisture and humidity. It has a user friendly interface which is easily accessible by farmers.

The project was funded by SDM College Ujire and the prototype of the model was built using ESP32 module and other IOT componets. The bot secured 3rd position in the International Cultural Jamboree 2022-23

The image data from the bot would be stored in MY SQL database and then further analysed for disease using Python Image Processing Program. In the initial stage the Bot is developed to perform the analysis on Tomato Plants

Student Wallet

'Student Wallet' is a computer software development project aimed at providing a convenient and secure payment solution for school and college students. The software allows students to make payments at school stores, offices, and canteens by simply scanning the barcode on their college id card. This eliminates the need for carrying cash and streamlines the payment process for both students and school staffs.

Quick-Carriage Delivery (a personal project)

Quick-Carriage was a delivery service, initiated by me and the service was available for 8 KM radius from Dharmasthala. I had developed the website for the service and in the website all the daily needs and food items were orderable. This initiative was meant to deliver the products within 1 to 12 hours of the order. The startup was a success, unfortunately due to study reasons, I had to discontinue the startup.